Tuesday, November 29


Any successful trip already begins with preparation.

You have to pack your bags, worry about having emergency numbers available, choose your route and your vacation spots. But there are also some formalities like the ESTA form, going to the airport or going through customs to the United States.

A formality that can quickly become an ordeal if you do not prepare for it. Conversely, it is very simple if you ever do the right thing.


Customs travel USA asks you to take some precautions before leaving.

This applies to both the United States and another country. In this case, you must follow simple rules regarding the products you take with you.

You are entitled to example to 1 litre of wine (ie more than one bottle but not two). You can also bring 200 cigarettes, low-value gifts (less than $ 100) or your medication provided you have a prescription correctly translated into English.

You can also bring vacuum-packed foods, such as cans.

Liquids, gels and aerosols, beauty products, in short, are allowed in cabin baggage. They must, however, be stored in a transparent resealable bag of maximum 1 litre and each container must not exceed 100 ml. If you exceed this dose, they must be stored in the checked baggage. Take care to respect these rules.

Even if you do not understand their scope, it is very simple to implement them and you will gain simplicity when going through customs.

Finally, your phone, laptop, camera or tablet will need to have a battery to be able to prove its operational status at any time.


Even for a person accustomed to going on a trip, a fortiori in the United States, it is not always easy to know and follow all the rules concerning its passage through customs.

This is why it is advisable to return to the list if there is any doubt.

There are also phone numbers that can be reached to make life easier here in France or once there in the United States.

There are also phone numbers that can be reached to make life easier here in France or once there in the United States.

In France, to contact the customs service, simply call 0 811 20 44 44. Please

note that if you do not declare items of more than 430 euros in value purchased, you are subject to a fine. To avoid this, VAT and customs duties must be paid for these products. It is, therefore, useful to have a number where to inquire.

You can also contact the US Embassy in France in preparation for your return trip. To do this, dial 01 43 12 22 22.

A trip is a big step in life. It must, therefore, be prepared as best as possible to make life easier. Knowing the customs formalities, applying for the ESTA form are some of these measures which are not necessarily pleasant but necessary.

Once these problems are resolved, you will have only your trip in mind and the memories that you will keep for a long time.