Wednesday, February 1

Four practical tips to increase the value of your home before selling it

A good location, surface area, orientation and price are not enough to convince a buyer to choose your home. The first impression is what counts and investing a sum of money to improve the property is sometimes the winning choice. Let’s see five practical tips to increase the value of the house before selling it.

To gain space without expanding one of the aspects most considered by aspiring borrowers are the space and the number of rooms. For this reason, small interventions aimed at adding or removing rooms, getting rid of too wide corridors or placing buildings in such a way as to give a feeling of greater amplitude will transform every useful meter into a truly usable space.

  1. Be careful on the first impression

According to experts, the future buyer decides whether or not to buy a house during the first seven seconds, so the first impression must be impeccable: rooms painted in neutral colours, space for storage, moderate decoration, lighting with bulbs that give more light or bring light shades, windows with curtains and shutters open, cleanliness and order, a new switch … opting for wood to decorate the house will give the rooms a greater feeling of warmth and, combined with other materials, such as metal, will allow giving a modern and industrial touch, very fashionable in current decoration.

2. Renovate the bathroom and kitchen 

There are two critical points. If the property has more than two rooms, the best thing is that it has at least two bathrooms. In this context, even if the complete renovation can be an excessive expense, changing the shower curtains, the mirror, the taps, or replacing the bathtub with a practical shower, will undoubtedly give a better image and bring more added value to the property. Compared to the kitchen, it is recommended to renovate elements such as the floor or appliances (the more efficient the better). 

3. Improve the doors, windows and floor

It is advisable to replace old glass windows with others that have better acoustic and thermal insulation. The double crystal is one of the most considered aspects. Doors and wardrobes need to be renewed, as well as the floor.

4. Respect the environment

A sustainable home is increasingly sought after by future buyers. But even small changes such as a more efficient boiler, or the installation of solar panels, or the end insulation of walls and windows, are well-valued elements.