Wednesday, February 1

4 Must-Have Features To Try For Your Luxury Home Renovations

Do you need a new house? You must look for a custom home builder who can build your house according to your taste, sensibilities, and personality. The best thing about getting your house customized is not having to settle for the standard features and finishing that is found in everyone’s house. Unique features will make your home special and help you stand out in the crowd. Apart from more comfort and convenience according to your needs, this will also increase the value of your overall properly owing to the exclusive factor.

But how to customize your home exclusively and luxuriously? Do a little research and explore the different features you can add to your custom home? And then hire a custom home builder in Vancouver. Here, we have put together a few must-have features of every luxury home. Try it if you want.

1.Over-sized Open Kitchen : 

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of every household. After all, all your meals are cooked here. That is why you can build your kitchen in a practical yet beautiful manner. Try to go for an over-sized kitchen island with rich cabinetry made of engineered wood. This is an amazing feature because it can ensure a more lavish space for storing your kitchen essentials as well as preparing the meals. You will get several options in wood, right from maple, oak, to walnut. Choose the one that appeals to your senses and goes with the overall kitchen décor. You can also go for marble and granite countertops for sturdiness. It has a welcoming appeal and does justice to the luxurious taste you have.

2.Tiled Wood Fireplaces :

Go for a contemporary yet luxurious black fireplace with tiled wood in your new home. Use a contrasting shade for the background wall. For instance, if the fireplace is dark mahogany, you can pair it with an off-white shade on the wall. When people enter your living room, it is sure to turn heads and roll many compliments your way. This is perfect for people who are in love with charcoal-infused fireplaces and yet enjoy some modern texture to jazz up space. And tiled wood fireplaces are also quite pocket-friendly so it will be appropriate for you no matter what kind of budget you have for home renovations.

3.Statement Staircases 

Along with long hallways or walk-in pantries, staircases are also quite utilitarian spaces for luxurious homes. It is not merely a device to go from one floor to another but these are gorgeous design elements that add to the interior decor as well. You no longer have to stick to quintessential staircases that serve the function of bridging the gap between different floors but these can be bold and smart. Make an over-the-top architectural statement or choose a sleek freestanding open riser staircase that resembles the minimalist in you. Complete it with dramatic lighting above or well-decorated walls on the sides and you will have a vision brought to life!

4.Luxurious Shower Room

The bathroom is another essential part of the house. But apart from improving the functionality, you can build a luxurious shower room. Have a spacious shower room with multiple shower heads, a steam shower, and other features like built-in cubbies for bath essentials, stylish grab bars for safety, and comfortable seating. When you have all the facilities, do not settle for a boring bathroom. There are many companies for home renovations Vancouver which can help.

So, if you like these luxurious elements and want them to be a part of your house too, quickly hire a professional like Roadhouse Homes for renovating your homes in this opulent manner and get the ball rolling.