Wednesday, February 1

Different ideas to look stylish in Joggers

Joggers created for workouts are a typical fitness trouser. Lightweight and relaxed, joggers have a sporting look. 

Many of them often have an adjustable or cord waist and an elastic foot. Owing to the booming trends in sports and sports luxury, joggers have become the main wardrobe piece. Joggers now seem no longer out of place or inexpensive, when they are properly styled. While you can still buy the simple joggers, many more fashionable and slim models are now available, such as zipper joggers and more. 

Today, joggers can be styled in countless ways. Let’s take a look at some of those ways:

Sweatshirts + Joggers

Although you should reach for a sweatshirt and jogger on your sofa, it can also be seriously trendy streetwear. With the spike in athletic styles, the hybrid is increasingly ideal for casual wear.

T-Shirts + Joggers

Joggers are supposed to look comfortable and relaxing. You’ll complement this theme by matching them with a T-shirt to make a simple weekend look. Make sure your t-shirt is fitted and your joggers’ bottom lies close on just above your ankles. This maintains a cool, clean aesthetic while having a clearer silhouette.

Hoodies + Joggers

A hoodie combined with joggers is a suitable casual alternative these days. If you want to fashion up your simple joggers and hoodie a bit, try some layering choices to create an edgy street-inspired look.

Denim Jackets + Joggers

A denim jacket is a great alternative to joggers. The relaxed but trendy piece will finish your ensemble and build a fun look for the weekend. A denim jacket and joggers are a perfect idea if you choose to add some other design.

Blazers + Joggers

Surprisingly flexible, joggers can also be matched with a blazer. The rare mix produces a striking feel, partly polished, partly comfortable. To make your look fit, leave your color palette dark or neutral and pick a less formal blazer. Choose from a trendy button-up or your choice pair of knitwear instead of a dress shirt.

Polo Shirts + Joggers

Like joggers, polo shirts have a sportswear look, so they fit along well. Choose soft and light types of joggers to keep the look relaxed. If you choose to make the style better, use joggers with a lighter color shirt. You may still want to think about a patterned polo if your joggers are a basic color. The specifics will make your shirt your tool attribute and your joggers the supporting act immediately.

Dress Shirts + Joggers

A dress shirt and a jogger can be an outstanding addition to the usual casual, smart wardrobe. Although it does not appear as the pair can fit, they make the mix remarkably trendy. A clean shirt with long sleeves is an ideal choice and can be loosely tucked into for a more dressed out appearance.

Bomber Jackets + Joggers

The bomber is one of the most common street jacket models and a must for your wardrobe. It’s also the right jacket for your joggers. Its crop length not only helps you to show off your trendy trousers but also compliments their look with their casual, athletic feel.

Noir LDN Joggers

Noir LDN Joggers can be worn with an impressive selection of accessories. However, if you are searching for a desirable alternative, you cannot go past sneakers or high-tops. Make sure your shoes stay clean and elegant to keep your look polished. 

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