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Cricket Betting Tips and Predictions 2021

Although cricket betting tips are fast becoming common on the internet and offline these days, not every one of them counts. This is just like every other sport where there are also fake and unreliable predictions. Fortunately, there are proven cricket betting tips that are based on good analysis and tact. Many of these proven game predictions have impressively delivered great results for users.

If you also want to make money from cricket betting in 2021, then there are some things you should start acquainting yourself with. By the time you’ve gotten familiar with these, you should be on your way to making profits.

What is meant by online cricket betting?

Many more people now use the internet and this has also paved the way for some advancement in cricket betting. In India and many other parts of the world, online cricket betting has significantly replaced traditional offline betting. Hence, punters can now initiate and execute almost every aspect of their betting activities on the internet. For instance, this means that you may not need to deposit funds or place a bet at the bookmaker’s shop.

Once you’ve found a cricket betting site of your choice, you can immediately start by opening an account and funding it in few steps. There are several advantages to this relatively new cricket betting system, as compared to offline betting. Most people who have used the two methods say that online betting is very much more convenient, efficient, and transparent.

Importantly also, most online betting sites have customer service sections for user inquiries and complaints. Depending on the efficiency of your chosen service provider, it is expected that you can get issues resolved quicker than it is in regular offline cricket betting.

Irrespective of whether you would be using the online or offline betting options, however, it is crucial for intending users to understand how the cricket betting system works. Knowing this would guide your betting choices, and consequently, your aggregate results over time.

How cricket betting system works

Usually, the cricket betting system provides two broad betting options for gamblers to choose from. Firstly, you can either place a bet for either side to win or draw. Alternatively, punters can bet on six-overs and possible outcomes. In this, you’ll have to indicate how many runs you think a team can score in a specified period.

In the cricket betting system- especially in India, things are done accordingly. Right from the point of registering a new gambler, to the proceedings of each betting session. If you’re an intending punter, then you have to be introduced by someone who is already known to the system. This type of mandatory referral ensures that every participant who is placing a bet fulfills their obligations at every point in time. So, if you lose a bet, then there is no way you can leave without paying up.

If a gambler fails to meet up, then the gambler who referred him is made to pay on his behalf. All these are common in the offline cricket betting model. This is not so in the online betting model, however, as users are allowed to place bets only to the tune of their account balances.

Latest betting tips for Indian players

To get desired results on cricket gambling, punters necessarily need to follow a combination of tips. These tips are a proven guide that would always tend to push you towards the winning end, or at least prevent you from losing too much.

Now, there are likely no 100 percent wins in sports prediction, but you can have significant success rates- if you’ve mastered the tips.

The following are some three important cricket betting tips for Indian players:

  • Check the weather forecast

Yes, check the weather- literally. This is because cricket is one of the few sports that is necessarily affected by climate and weather. Note that usually, weather- such as overcast or sunny weather, could influence the outcome of a game. So you want to be mindful of what the weather looks like before you place a cricket game bet.

Additionally, punters should try to know what weather conditions are likely to favor what team more, so they can be able to make a more informed bet.

  • Analyze team ratings and rankings

This is another important factor to consider before you hit the ‘place bet’ button. Each cricket team would usually have a rating and/or ranking that have been arrived at based on certain indices. These rankings are awarded using criteria such as quality and form of the players, the experience of the team members, the number of points obtained, etcetera.

As convincing as this may look, however, it is still not advisable to come to a conclusion based on this alone.

  • Consider the level of experience of the batsmen and bowlers

The batsman and bowler are two of the most important players that you must consider before placing your bet. While it is likely that a more experienced Batman may appear more successful during a long-form test game, a relatively less experienced Batman may have the upper hand during the T20 games.

Experienced bowlers on another hand may present stronger bowls, while the relatively less experienced ones may lag by some bits.

Different types of cricket betting markets in India

Whether you’re betting online or offline, the following are the top cricket betting options for Indian users:

  • Top Batsman/Bowler

Wagering on the top batsman and/or bowler is one of the most common bet options that gamblers go for. If you’re betting on the top batsman for a match, then you’re picking the player that you think would score the highest number of goals in either a specific match or in an entire series.

Betting on the top bowler on another hand means betting on the player who you think would have the highest number of wickets in either a specific match or series.

  • Match Tournament Winner

Unlike the top batsman/bowler bets, this is sometimes considered an easier bet to make. All you need to do is predict what team would win the tournament.

However, this really may not be as easy as it seems. Note that you’ll need to be thorough in your analysis till you come up with just one team from a bunch of others. The payouts on this type of bet are usually moderate, but fair enough.

  • Toss Winner

This is one of the few cricket betting options that are not in any way determined by the capabilities or performance of any team.

To win this bet, you simply need to predict correctly, which team would be favored by the coin toss made at the start of the cricket match. This bet is inarguably guided by luck, but it could be fun for gamblers.

  • Man of the match

In this type of bet, punters simply wager on the player that they think would be most valuable and outstanding in performance, for a match.

Many times, this betting option is only available on the bigger market, as smaller bookmakers may not readily provide it.

Cricket betting predictions

Reliable cricket betting predictions are probably not that easy to come by. If you need tips for your betting activities, however, then check out these five cricket betting predictions sites:

  • Cricket World

Cricket World provides a lot of analysis tools and insights for the active cricket gambler. There is enough information for users to assess past performance, current standings, and predictions for players and their teams.

  • Betway Insider

This site has provided several reliable cricket predictions over time. Although activities on the website are not restricted to cricket betting, there is a dedicated section for upcoming cricket matches predictions. The website is easy to navigate, and you’ll love the interface.


Asides from providing basic cricket betting predictions, Online cricket betting is also a place for you to add to your knowledge of cricket sports. If you want to know what it takes to maintain consistent wins on your betting activities, then this is one of the best sites for learning the ropes.

  • OLBG

Currently, OLBG is one of the most reliable sport prediction hubs on the internet. It provides users with real cricket betting predictions that have been vetted by professional punters and bookmakers. You can also get reviews on various cricket betting platforms, for online betting.

  • Bettingtop10

You’ll find almost everything cricket, on Bettingtop10. Although the website has a list of betting sites, it also provides top-notch cricket betting predictions. Everything is arranged into segments and at different locations of the website, so navigation is easy.

Get live cricket betting tips

For some reason, live cricket betting tips are more preferred than regular betting predictions. This is because, with live cricket betting tips, predictions are a little more accurate- at least. What happens is that analysts sometimes get a clearer picture of what the game outcomes could be, based on the events as they unfold.

Remember that the regular predictions are issued before the commencement of each match, so there are chances for miscalculations and errors. However, as the game progresses, these errors in analysis can be quickly detected and corrected.

In live cricket betting also, you can immediately place bets based on players’ performances for that match. For instance, if you had chosen that a team with the better batsman to win, you may strike another modified bet if you think the initial prediction was not all too correct. This way, insights from the live betting tips could help you reduce losses from your pre-match bet.

Usually, you may get live cricket betting tips from websites that also provide pre-match betting predictions.

Tips to find cricket betting odds and how to use them

If you’re going to be actively involved in cricket game betting, then there’s no way you wouldn’t come across betting odds. Each time there is a cricket game coming, bookmakers usually issue the odds for the various possible outcomes.

You’ll likely find out that many times (but not all the times), the lesser the odds, the increased likelihood for the outcome to come through. For instance, if a stronger team- with home advantage is to play against a less strong team, then the odds for the stronger team to win are going to be lesser than the odds for the less strong team to win.

Note that your winnings = the odds × your stake

Let us consider the example below: If there is a slated one-day international match between India and England and we have the following odds:

                  India (1.45)           Draw (5.0)         England (1.6)

From this data, if you have 2,000 rupees to state, and you bet for India to win- and this happens, then your winnings would be: 2,000 × 1.45 = 2,900

If you bet for a draw between the teams- and this happens, then your winnings would be 2,000 × 5.0 = 10,000

If you bet for England to win- and this happens, then your winnings would be 2,000 × 1.6 = 3,200

Note that usually, bookmakers issue lower odds for their perceived most likely outcome. Also, to get maximum returns on your bets, you probably should consider line shopping. By this, you check the odds from different bookmakers for the same game outcome and go for the ones with the highest rates.

Deposit methods for online cricket betting

Now, there are multiple deposit methods for online cricket betting. These give gamblers an ideal variety of options to choose from depending on which deposit method is most convenient for the individual. Many of these deposit methods can be directly linked to your online betting account. With this, you can easily fund your accounts at almost any time you need to.

However, even amongst these options, you may still need to consider factors like security, the confidentiality of transactions, transaction fees, etcetera. Considering the limitations of current deposit methods, gamblers are constantly seeking newer deposit means that comes with more privacy and ease. For instance, although credit and debit cards are still widely used, regulators and government agencies can easily investigate a user’s betting activities using these.

Some of the most reliable deposit methods available for Indians at this time include bank transfer, Astropay, Paysafecard, e-wallet, net banking, etc. If you are new to online cricket gambling, then you should try using Fun88. This service allows Indian users to make use of a VPN, and it has relatively more deposit options and other exciting features.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • How do I bet on cricket games online?

There are a lot of online bookmakers for cricket, and you can easily create an account with them. Once you’ve signed up for an account, fund it, and you can start betting almost immediately.

  • Can I create betting accounts with several betting sites?

Yes, you can create multiple betting accounts with several betting websites. In fact, having betting accounts on more than one betting site is advisable.

  • Is cricket betting online illegal for Indians?

Although Indian authorities say gambling is not allowed in the country, there is no law in the constitution stating online betting to be illegal.

  • What is the minimum amount I can bet with?

The minimum wager depends on the betting site you’re using, some sites allow you to bet with as low as 10 rupees.

  • Do I get a signup bonus on online cricket betting?

Yes. Most betting sites offer you impressive signup bonuses. However, the amount and conditions for accessing these bonuses differ from one bookmaker to the other.

  • How can I withdraw my winnings on the betting sites?

Most times, you would be able to withdraw your winning through the same means by which you made deposits. Common withdrawal means include bank transfer, e-wallet transfer, Astropay, Neteller, etc.


Most people who are into active cricket game betting, have realized the importance of knowing what the real cricket betting tips are. Note that there may be a few addition and subtractions here and there- depending on other factors that may be peculiar to an individual or their location. However, if you know the basics already, then you should be able to stay afloat and even improve with time.

Also, it’s never too late to make some changes and start again. Some people started using these tips after losing a lot of money to the bookmakers, but they’re now back into the profit range.