During confinement, our organization is greatly disturbed. Your birthday is coming soon, you have planned an event, and finally, you have to cancel? Do not panic. We are listing 5 things to do to organize a remote birthday, whether it is your birthday or one of your loved ones. 

Invite friends

The advantage of living in confinement 21 the century, is that you can always contact your family! And even if it is not possible to see them physically, nothing prevents you from calling you by phone or videoconference, thanks to platforms like Skype or Facetime, and What’s app. Invite your friends, relatives, and even the whole family if you feel like it. You will feel like celebrating the big day together. 

 Create the invitations

 You can even make your invitations in digital format, on sites like Canva  (it’s very simple). If you had already reserved the date with your entourage, they will be available and ready to celebrate the anniversary! Do not forget to indicate the date, the schedule of your e-birthday, and if not the place, the platform on which you will find yourself with your username for example, without forgetting to mention the chosen activities. 

 Make a cake

 It is not because you are alone or in any case, not in full that you will eat healthy tonight. It’s your birthday, and whether you choose a chocolate fondant or a strawberry charlotte, the cake is essential for this big day. Treat yourself: you just have to blow out the candles under the applause of your loved ones.

 The Covigneron gift e-box

 In this period of confinement, don’t forget the birthdays of your loved ones! If the latter is a wine lover, offer him the Covigneron e-box. Downloadable, it is therefore contactless and without risk of contamination! 

As soon as you place your order, you download the booklet for this e-box and can send it by email to the person to whom you wish to offer it. She will then have up to 18 months to activate her vine sponsorship program, which will allow her for one year to receive her “My Vine Vine” newsletters on viticulture, winemaking, wine-making, pairing food and wine, to participate in 3 “Discovery” workshops at the Estate with the winemaker before collecting the bottles of his cuvée in his name. In case workshops could not take place due to confinement, they will, of course, be postponed. If necessary, the sponsorship programs will be extended free of charge.

Use your computer

Online games are also a good idea to take advantage of this moment: tic-tac-toe, monopoly, truth or dare, etc. And why not try video games remotely?