Common Mistakes in Structured Cabling Installation Process

Structured cabling has emerged as one of the most critical network cabling needs of the business entities in the twenty-first century. It is an essential element to ensure constant, fast speed and reliable network support to perform their routine functions. It has also played an important role in the technological advancement of developed countries like the UAE.

Business organizations or individual users cannot randomly use structured cabling to fulfill their networking needs. They need proper installation, which will improve the quality of service and provide a seamless experience. However, few common mistakes in the installation process can compromise the quality of their connection, so they must beware.

In this article, you will get the opportunity to explore common mistakes in the structured cabling installation process.

Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid During Structured Cabling Installation

Structured cabling infrastructures are quite costly. Therefore, they are installed after considering several measures. Ignorance of the due process can undermine the quality of service, which can otherwise provide a seamless service for up to a decade. Proper knowledge and expertise can help you avoid mistakes.

You can watch out the following mistakes and avoid them during the structured cabling installation process to ensure its efficiency for decades.

1.Improper Planning

When you start a business or build a house, you plan extensively to avail benefits for years to come. The same is the case with the structured cabling installation, but most people make the gravest mistake of improper or no planning at all. Some wise people hire the service of structured cabling companies in Dubai to enjoy properly planned network installation. In the planning phase, check these points.

  • Room requirement for wire connections
  • The number of required ports
  • The ideal cable according to need
  • The ideal speed for every connection
  • 2. Poor Cable Management

Poor cable management is another common mistake that costs a fortune to the network owners. They try to save their money but have to spend it after a few months, in lieu of maintenance or reinstallation. Poor cable management also denotes a lack of knowledge and expertise. You can instead follow these points to ensure proper cable management:

  • Maintain ladder rack
  • Color code all cables
  • Label the cables for reference
  • Avoid sharp bends
  • 3. Disregarding Legal Implications

Following the rules and regulations is a must to become a loyal citizen that benefits the country. If you want to fulfill your responsibility towards your country, you must abide by all the laws. Disregarding legal implications in network cabling installation is not just a mistake but also a crime. So be sure to follow these points:

  • Check the legal requirements
  • Check standard approved cables
  • Check limitations of installations
  • Abide by all laws and conditions
  • 4. Parallel Structured and Electric Cabling

The network of structured cables operates by following a magnetic field. Therefore, ensuring the proper installation of the network is crucial for high-quality service. Installing structured cables and electric cables parallel cab disturb the magnetic field and halt the connection. So, avoid this crucial mistake. Instead

  • Work on your configuration technique
  • Balance current distribution in different connections
  • Keep in mind the magnetic field laws
  • Calculate index values to ensure proper connection
  • 5. Ignoring Environmental Issues

Structured cabling networks are also quite sensitive to the environment, as it can disrupt the magnetic and electromagnetic fields. These end up disturbing the connection, which causes problems in service provision. You must consider these points in the installation phase so that you do not have to pay for hefty maintenance fees. You can:

  • Avoid hot and humid places
  • Avoid cool and dry places
  • Avoid noisy places
  • Use proper equipment to adjust the atmosphere
  • 6. Network Testing Failure

The last step in the process of a structured cabling network installation is to check the health of the connection. However, most of the users fail to test the network, which can damage the connection later. You can test the connection by:

  • Utilizing perfect tools
  • Compare with as-built drawings
  • Check cable certification testers
  • Ask for professional support

A little connection error can damage the whole network bringing you to point one of network installation. You can hire professionals from structured cabling companies in Dubai to ensure an error-free installation process along with network testing, which will serve the purpose for decades.

Do not experiment with structured cabling installation!

Structured cabling installation is not a child’s play. You should never try to check your skills at the cost of your network quality. You will have to buy the new equipment, tools and pay for the maintenance cost due to your amateur efforts. Instead, it is always better to let the experts handle the technical matters. You Consult the professionals for the installation process, and you can monitor them working if you want to learn a bit about it.