Saturday, March 25

Choosing the Best House Water Filters

Having clean drinking water in your home is crucial for keeping your entire household hydrated and healthy. Sadly, many homeowners end up relying on subpar filtration options that just cannot offer the excellent filtration quality they are after. If you are looking for the best house water filters, then there are a few important things to consider.

One of the first things is to remember to think in the long term. Many low-quality filters start with a low price tag and then require frequent filter replacements that add up over time. In addition to having cost add up, a lot of filter systems also have high maintenance requirements that will cost you time as well as money.

The most common home filtration option is probably the water pitcher filter. While these large plastic filtration systems remain a popular option, they are far from the best option on the market. One of the only advantages to these systems is the fact that they are remarkably simple. Water is poured into the upper reservoir, it then drips through the filter cartridge, and it is collected in the lower reservoir for consumption.

While these systems are simple, they have several drawbacks. You are going to be refilling it almost every day then lugging it to your fridge, where it will take up a big chunk of space. While these high maintenance requirements are annoying, you also need to consider the issue of water quality. The only force pushing water through the filter cartridge is gravity, so the pressure on the filter is not very high. That means that the filter media has to be loose enough to let water easily pass through. This not only lowers the effectiveness of the system but also means that each filter cartridge will have a short lifespan. Some pitchers can only filter 40 gallons of water before requiring a replacement cartridge.  

You can avoid all of these issues by purchasing a high-quality filtration system. The best house water filters are designed to mount underneath your kitchen sink. This keeps them out of sight and lets you get your water in the same location that you are used to. These filtration systems have several advantages that almost all stem from the fact that they hook directly into a home’s water lines.

Home water lines operate under pressure, typically around 40 PSI. This means that the filtration media used in these cartridges can be packed in might tighter in under sink system cartridges, offering superior filtration efficiency. This also helps to extend the lifespan of your filter cartridges, with many under-sink filter cartridges lasting as long as an entire year between replacement filters.

When it comes to under-sink filters, Pentair Everpure filters are one of the best options on the market. These filters are not only super effective, but they are also extremely easy to use. You can find options that dispense filtered water using a dedicated dispenser or using the cold water wide of your current faucet. Their activated carbon filter cartridges are also extremely easy to replace and can remove waterborne contaminants as small as half a micron in size.

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