Child’s birthday : how to organize it and where to celebrate it?

Is your child’s birthday coming soon? Invitation card, ideas for games and entertainment, essential places to blow out your candles, cakes for girls and boys … Our advice for a memorable birthday, at home or outside.

From the invitation card to invite your classmates to the choice of activities and birthday cake, find all our tips for organizing your child’s birthday. 

Invitation cards for his birthday party

Is it his birthday next month? Do not waste time! If you want to organize a party with your little friends, now is the time to do it. Choose a Wednesday or a Saturday afternoon rather than a vacation day to limit absenteeism … For schedules, there is no point in doing too much, count an afternoon from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. for example. Once all these elements are fixed and your child is ready, make a small list of elected representatives with him. Encourage him to mix boys and girls, but don’t forget to count 5% of negative responses and limit the number of participants depending on the space you have to offer. Sometimes it is better to have a successful party with a small group than a large, disorganized party. Once all these elements are fixed, take care of the invitation cards. You can make them together on the Internet, with a personalized photo, or by hand, during a DIY workshop at home. For distribution, stay classic: either at the end of school (on condition of inviting the whole class so as not to be jealous) or in mailboxes. Why not do it both by bike?

Where to celebrate your birthday?

Organize a birthday outside

Animations, meals, birthday cake, music and songs, games for children … Animators are present to make the little ones spend a dream afternoon that they are not ready to forget. Moreover, more and more restaurants are offering offers specially dedicated to children’s birthdays. This is particularly the case for the Hard Rock Café restaurant. Without forgetting the small leisure parks like Acrochats, for a day full of entertainment. Depending on the tastes and the age of the little ones, the activity leaders will offer them activities around cabins, castles or pirate ships … Change of scenery at the Cité des Sciences, with the Cité des infants or the space of the Baby animals. Fun activities and a birthday snack are planned. Finally, Conflans Speed ​​Park is the ideal place for young and old. It has a laser game area, a bowling alley, a video games room and a go-kart. Depending on the formulas, the age of your children and the number of guests, choose a place that best suits your needs and your budget. Also, tell yourself that you will save time by choosing this solution. To give you ideas, the editorial staff has selected 10 places for you, perfect for your child to celebrate another year having fun, without you having to tire yourself … 

Organize a birthday at home

Opt for the dining room or the living room, in short, the main room of your accommodation. Perhaps it is better to store valuables in another room (vases, tables and perhaps even hi-fi equipment) and remove some bulky furniture (coffee table, sideboard …). Before the arrival of the guests, remember to put fragile objects in safety, and possibly protect your couch by covering it with a large sheet … This is all the more important if you plan “messy” activities, like a painting workshop for example! There are, however, much less “risky” and equally popular games, such as treasure hunts and musical chairs… You can also make surprise bags filled with candies and small toys, which the children will take home with them after the party. On D-Day, remember to store all the coats and bags in a room to make room and avoid any accident.

Decorative ideas for a thematic child’s birthday

It remains to set the scene. Balloons, garlands, pennants mark the entrance to the house and decorate the walls. The sound system plays a CD of music for children. A table was set up to taste it: cardboard service and paper napkins on the same theme (Harry Potter, Cars, unicorn, jungle, Minnie …). Without forgetting the bowls filled with candies, decanters of sodas and juices, cakes, party favours and surprise gift bags (pens, bubble bottles, toy cars …) at each location. Do not let the candle and gift moment go on: this could affect the atmosphere. However, give in to the South American tradition of pinata: a papier-mache figurine full of small gifts. We hang it in the room and the children must each give it a blow with the stick until it bursts in a whirlwind of confetti!

Birthday cakes: our ideas for girls and boys

In the shape of a unicorn, football field, animals or pirates, birthday cakes have their effect. And the children are only in a hurry: to blow out their candles, like grown-ups, surrounded by their family and their classmates. If you have the soul of a chef, try making one of these delicious sugar paste recipes to please your child. 

Offer games and entertainment

For entertainment, vary the pleasures. If you have a garden, you can prepare a treasure hunt or a sack race. Inside, organize a ” draw, it’s won ” or even a game of musical chairs! Drop off board games or hobby kits in a corner for the calmer. Set up a disguise workshop with a makeup case, a suitcase of old clothes, cardboard masks to decorate and a large mirror against the wall. Also, think about cooking, you can very well make a part of it with the little ones. The preparation is almost finished, you just have to pour the dough into funny moulds or decorate the pastries! A cotton candy machine, popcorn machine or a chocolate fondue will also have their effect. For the end of the afternoon, plan a good cartoon to pass to those whose parents are late. A word of advice: don’t organize too many things in advance, children love improvisation and that’s what makes their fiesta so charming …

A birthday box for children

Here’s a handy option for parents who don’t have time to run around the stores, or are out of ideas for hosting a birthday party at home. Box Ze Day can be ordered with a few clicks on the internet. It contains everything you need for a successful child’s birthday: a giant balloon and a piñata, crockery and decor in the likeness of the favourite characters of the little ones, invitations to personalize, a to-do list to remember nothing, small gifts for the children … parents also receive an activity booklet to help them keep up the pace throughout the day and photo prints are then to be downloaded from the site to keep memories of this memorable day. Also, each box is in the colours of your children’s favourite heroes (Spiderman, princess or mixed spirit …) you are spoiled for choice!


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