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Celebrate birthday, a story of ego or life balance? Not only. It is above all a question of celebrating the pleasure of being together and of creating new common memories to slip into one’s memory. Blowing out the candles becomes a set date for meeting and enjoying good times together. Small guide for a birthday between adults.

Celebrating round accounts: a rite of passage to the next ten

If there is no obligation to celebrate birthdays, marking the tens is often done with dignity, without going overboard. Sometimes difficult to cross, the birthday, if it is festive with family and friends, helps to play down small wrinkles that accumulate. Nothing like a meeting under the sign of humour and tenderness to forget the passing of time.

To make the most of these intense moments, take advantage of these few ideas to organize the birthday that suits you.

Anticipate: for a party off the beaten track, you must organize the festivities well in advance. If you want to privatize this nice place, choose the best caterer or organize a relaxing weekend for several people, you have to do it very early. Certain services are reserved for several months in advance.

For the same reasons, draw up a list of your guests at the same time. Depending on the number of elected officials and the party chosen, adapt your choices: no need to think of the Stade de France for 30 people! For the chic side, send personalized invitation cards, here too well in advance, specifying date, place, possible theme and confirmation of attendance.

Some essentials to celebrate your birthday brilliantly

The thematic parties, very trendy, are very successful. There are many adult themes to decline according to your budget and your desires. In these pages, you will find original and funny ideas to implement. The main thing is not to forget to have fun, without unnecessary stress and anxiety about doing wrong. A birthday is especially successful in sharing.

Don’t forget the cake: by drowning in decorations and petit fours, you risk forgetting the essentials. A delicious cake, highlighted by beautiful candles or bright fountains, can be the only flashy element of an otherwise simple party.

Designate the photographer for the evening: sacrifice a little time for a loved one to capture the best moments. The selected pictures will be precious memories to share with your guests.

Finally, ask your loved ones for help: organizing such an event also means sharing lots of small preparations with those around you. Increased complicity.

Celebrating 18 years, an event to mark your majority

How to celebrate your 1st birthday as an adult? Discover many ideas to celebrate your 18th birthday with dignity!

How to celebrate 20 years with an extraordinary celebration?

20 years is the age of all possibilities. If you are looking for ideas to c élébrer your brand new score, here are some ideas for a party full of fantasy.

Celebrating 30 years: the anniversary of reason and maturity?

Nightclub until the end of the night or original celebration? To celebrate your thirtieth birthday, listen to your wishes, to make the most of the present moment.

At 40, how to celebrate your birthday originally?

No time for a quarantine crisis: you will think about it after having organized the festivities around your 40th birthday. Decoration, invitations, cake and entertainment are your immediate concerns.

Prepare an original party for your fiftieth

Be central, at least the time off calmly Enter 50 years. What if it was time to think a little about yourself, and to delegate preparations and service on D-Day?

Organize the birthday of a new sexagenarian

Start the new pages of your sixties life by celebrating your birthday with dignity. Nothing like a great party to write the new adventures that come your way.

Soon septuagenarian? Celebrate your birthday with your loved ones

How to celebrate a birthday for its 70 years? Take inspiration from these ideas to organize an original party that everyone around you will enjoy.

80 years old? An anniversary to celebrate the pleasures of life

Celebrating 80 years to bring your whole tribe around you is the challenge of an intergenerational birthday party. Without forgetting to bet on future projects.