Wednesday, February 1

Can Apple a Day Actually Keep the Doctor Away?

You need strong immunity to fight off infections, and this is what you have learned after the outbreak of the pandemic. Experts often recommend fruit to improve your immunity. There is a very popular saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

 You may think that apples can strengthen your immune system if you eat them every day. Many people take their health seriously now because they are fed up with funding medical bills with doorstep loans in Ireland. Well, it is just a saying. 

If you think that an apple a day can keep the doctor away, you are wrong. However, it can be a healthy choice. In this blog, you will find how apple can contribute to your health even though it cannot reduce the number of your visits to the doctor. 

It can be good for the cardiovascular system

Studies have revealed that eating apples can lower the risk of chronic diseases and cardiovascular problems are among them. Research has shown that apples can whittle down the risk of stroke. 

Experts believe that flavonoids can be the reason for it. This compound can reduce inflammation and protect the heart. Further, they consist of soluble fiber known for reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. 

It can help fight cancer

Apples contain several compounds that can help prevent cancer. The most effective compound to fight off cancer is assumed to be flavonoids that work with other antioxidants. However, you can get all these benefits if you eat an apple with the peel. 

Some people peel it off and then have it. Its peel contains antioxidants and insoluble fiber that passes the stool smoothly through the intestines. One study has proved that a high intake of apples is associated with a low risk of lung cancer. 

Another study revealed that eating more apples can lead to a decreased risk of colorectal cancer. More research is needed to exactly find out the impact of apple consumption on reducing the risk of cancer. Doctors suggest that you should incorporate fruit and vegetables to prevent yourself from various types of diseases. 

It supports weight loss

Apple consumption can also lead to weight loss. One study has found that it contains soluble fiber that makes you feel full for a longer time. Fiber makes digestion slow, which means your blood glucose level stays stable. 

Since you feel fuller for a longer time, you tempt to eat less frequently, and as a result, you manage to lose weight. It reduces your calorie intake and helps increase weight loss.  

It helps prevent asthma

Studies have revealed that eating more apples is associated with a lower risk of asthma. Apples contain some antioxidants that improve your immunity and body’s capacity to fight off infections caused by allergens, dust, and pollutants highly responsible for causing allergic reactions in your respiratory system. 

It helps lower down the risk of diabetes

Apple consumption is also associated with a lower risk of diabetes. Studies have revealed that apples contain fiber that keeps blood glucose levels from rising immediately up. 

If your blood glucose level stays stable, it slows down digestion and prevents you from the risk of diabetes. 

You will have to eat the whole apple to prevent diabetes risk. However, more research needs to be done to prove this claim. 

It helps improve bone health

The risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis is increasingly rising. It is a condition when your bone density mineral decreases. People are suffering from this medical condition at a young age. 

You can prevent osteoporosis if you incorporate apples into your diet. Eating a lot of apples can maintain bone density mineral. As a result, your bone will less likely be weaker. 

What are the downsides of apple consumption?

You have to know what benefits you can get from apple consumption, but excess consumption of everything is bad. 

Eating an apple a day is unlikely to harm your health, but eating too many apples a day can cause several adverse side effects. 

Since it contains a lot of fiber, you are likely to have symptoms like gas, bloating, and stomach pain. Apples also contain some carbohydrates. 

It may not be a big problem for you. If you are on a low-carb diet, you may intend to avoid apple consumption. 


There is no denying that an apple a day cannot keep the doctor away, but it is a healthy choice to include it in your diet. 

Apple consumption is good for lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, osteoporosis, and diabetes. 

Apples can also support weight loss because they can make you feel fuller for a longer time restricting calorie intake. 

Although apples provide a lot of benefits, there are a lot of drawbacks. Make sure that you do not consume too many apples a day.