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Best Times to Visit Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is one of the most visited regions in Mexico. Its enticing weather conditions, availability of numerous attraction sites, activities, and events make it more popular among the most beautiful places in the world. This article will explore the weather conditions, activities, and events held in the Los Cabos region at different times and determine the best time to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. So check it out.

What is the Best Time to Visit Cabo San Lucas?

The best time to visit Cabo San Lucas is chiefly determined by weather or seasons. So, you need to establish the best season to visit the area, depending on your preferences. Additionally, events and your sole purpose for a visit can significantly influence your experience in the region. Here, we will discuss the seasons experienced in Los Cabos. We will also explore some of the typical activities during those seasons. Additionally, we will look at significant events that you may not afford to miss.

Let’s get started.

Best Seasons to Trip Cabo San Lucas:

Typically, the Los Cabos area receives shoulder seasons, spring break, summer seasons, and fall seasons.

Let’s delve deeper into these seasons.

Shoulder Season:

This is a short season, starting in May and ends in June, yet the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas. The season is less packed up. Therefore, you can tour any part of Los Cabos without worrying about the crowds and inconveniences that come with overcrowding. In addition to that, the rates are relatively lower than in other seasons, as there are no high demands. Hence, you do not spend much touring and staying at your ideal resort.

The weather is also ideal for most activities. It is convenient for the entire family, including kids. Usually, it is warm throughout the season, with temperatures averaging between 86°F and 90°F. This means that the water temperature is also high – ideal for swimming, scuba diving, and other related sea activities. The sky is also clear, especially in May. In late June, however, the area starts receiving showers as hurricane season approaches. Still, the rains will not interfere much with your experience.

Shoulder Season Activities and Events:

The shoulder weather favors a variety of activities. Also, while it is a low season, you can try almost any activity of your desire. The following are some of the activities you will want to try.

  • Fishing – Fishing is indeed one of the most exciting activities you can do while on vacation. It is more exciting at Cabo San Lucas, especially at the sportfishing tournaments. The best thing about Cabo fishing is that you do not need fishing experience. All you need is the right equipment and basic guidelines, which you will undoubtedly get from professionals in the region. Also, there are tons of varied fish types, including Blue Marlin and Black Marline.
  • Snorkel and scuba diving – There is no a better way of spending your day than experiencing the refreshment of seawater. During the shoulder season, the water has clear visibility, making it the best time for diving. Also, the water temperature is warm – ideal for swimming. Notably, Los Cabos has a dozen swimmable beaches like Playa Beldito and Playa Del Amor. The perfect scuba diving sites include Cabo Pulmo, Pelican Rock, Santa Maria Bay, and Chileno Bay. Interestingly, there are agencies dedicated to ensuring you have the most memorable experience by offering necessary diving training and equipment.
  • Cruising – Ocean tours using water taxis are more exciting than most activities. Ensure to sail to the El Arco, Cabo’s iconic landmark, and experience the thrilling moments of cruising in a kayak or any other ideal boat. The best thing about sea touring during shoulder season is that taxi rates are lower than in other seasons.
  • Connect Los Cabos cultures – Evenings will certainly feel good when shopping at the local farm and marine markets. Also, you can visit art galleries. Additionally, you can chill out at local restaurants and bars, trying the local Mexican cuisines and wines. Better still, you can learn about Los Cabos’ cultures, such as Baja culture, including making Baja recipes like tamales, ceviche, and other popular local dishes.
  • Hiking – If you prefer hiking, Cabo San Lucas has the best spots for you. You can take long day walks in sites like Rancho San Dionísio, enjoying what nature has to offer. The best thing about the season is that the weather is favorable for hiking.

Shoulder Season Events:

 If you like partying and interacting with people from other regions, you will not wait until the next peak season. This is because there are a handful of events that takes place in the shoulder season. The specific events in this season include Fiesta De La Música, GastroVino Baja Food and Wine Festival, and Cinco de Mayo.

  • Spring Break Season

This is another excellent season to visit Cabo San Lucas. However, it is good to note the area is usually packed almost throughout the season. Therefore, be ready to cope with crowds if you trip in this season. Also, you can expect higher touring and stay rates during this season due to high demand. However, you can avoid high costs by making bookings in advance, ahead of the season.

The spring break season is the most extended session, setting December through to April. The weather is slightly cold than other seasons, with highs ranging between70°F (December) and 84°F (April). Usually, it is chilly in the mornings and evenings; hence, you will need a light jacket to trip in the season. Typically, the sky is clear throughout the season. You may, however, expect mild rainfalls toward the end of the season.

Spring Break Season Activities and Events:

There are numerous activities you can do while in Los Cabos. The activities include:

  • Whale watching – Humpbacks, gray whales, and shark whales migrate through Los Cabos in spring break seasons. Therefore, if you enjoy watching the ocean giants, this is your ideal season to visit Cabo San Lucas. During whale watching, you can get to learn a lot about marine life in Los Cabos. You can also tour other sites like San Lucas Marina or San José del Cabo to interact with Cabo dolphins.
  • Sunset sailing – Sunset sailing is the other exciting activity you can engage in for a memorable vacation. The sailing offers beautiful views of ocean and sea horizons and various marine creatures.
  • Stand-Up Paddling – You can also head on to places like Modano Beach for Stand-Up Paddle boarding. Excitingly, there are many clubs and individual trainers dedicated to guiding you on SUP paddling.
  • Snorkel – Spend your time snorkeling in one of the Los Cabos’s swimmable beaches, such as Playa Del Amor (also known as Lover’s Beach), Playa Beldito, among other beautiful beaches. However, it is better to note that the water in this season is cold, especially in the first months of the season. Thus, it might not be favorable, especially if you are sensitive to cold.
  • Windsurfing – Windsurfing is another exciting activity that Los Cabos has to offer. Better yet, the Cabos hosts a windsurfing completion – La Ventana classic in mid-January – where you can participate or relax at the beaches and watch the professional surfers around the world do their thing.

Notably, your spring break trip to Cabo San Lucas is certainly not complete if you are not involved in either, if not all, of the above activities. In addition, note that there are other enticing activities such as shopping and fishing that will complement your spring break tour.

Spring break Events at Cabo San Lucas:

Spring break at Los Cabos is also a season for events. Typical events include Semana Santa, Carnival, the Festival of San Jose, windsurfing competitions, Feast of the Virgin Guadalupe, and the Todos Santos Art Festival. Expect lots of cuisines, drinks, dance, and others refreshments during the events, all to enhance your experience.

  • Summer Season

Summer is also an excellent time to visit Cabo San Lucas. The season sets in July through to September. In this season, the weather varies. For example, July is sweltering hot, with temperatures averaging at 90°F. Also, the area experiences mild rains in July.

On the other hand, August receives heavy rains and storms, and the temperatures start to drop. September is cool and with little predictable showers, usually in the evenings. The best thing about Cabo’s weather is that it is predictable. Therefore, you can plan your tour efficiently.

Summer is also a low season – there are no crowds. Consequently, the rates are lower than in other seasons. Thus, touring Cabo San Lucas in the summertime is pocket-friendly.

Summer Time Activities and Events at Cabo San Lucas:

Due to variations in the weather conditions, activities also vary. Ideally, you can spend much of your time by the beach with a cold drink in July. Also, you can engage in sea tours and other related activities such as cruising. Still, it is better to note that the water temperature is also high.

In August, you will have to remain indoors and engage in indoor activities such as cooking classes and shopping. You may also opt to visit Cabo’s art galleries and other cultural sites.

The September weather is ideal for almost all activities, including snorkeling, SUP paddling, and horseback riding, among other activities that interest you. However, note that the showers may discourage some activities like swimming, as they influence visibility.

 Summer Time Events:

Mexican Independence Day is one of the significant events in the summertime, usually celebrated on September 16th. Other events include Charro Day celebrations that occur on September 14th.

  • Fall Season

Fall is the other best season for visiting Cabo San Lucas.

The season goes for two months, October and November. It is also a low season – no crowds. Also, the touring and resorts rates are low. However, due to various events held in this season, the rates may increase to some extent. Remarkably, you can beat the soaring rates by making bookings in advance, ahead of the events.

The weather in the fall season is ideal for most activities, including ocean touring and indoor and outdoor activities like hiking. The temperatures are still warm, with highs at 80°F. In addition, there are mild rainfalls in October. However, the showers may not have significant impacts on your tours.

Fall Season Activities and Events at Cabo San Lucas:

There are numerous activities you can engage in while in Cabo San Lucas. Here are some of the specific examples of events you are likely to engage in.

  • Snorkeling and scuba diving – You can experience the thrilling moments of swimming and interact with marine life. Note that the rainy days may not be ideal for scuba diving. Ensure to consult your tour guides before proceeding to your favorite activity.
  • Fishing – The fall season is also a good time for fishing. You are likely to catch blue marlin fishes, tuna, sailfish, or wahoo during the season. Better yet, Cabo San Lucas hosts fishing competitions where entertainments are beyond limits.
  • Golfing – Still, if you do not like water activities, you can try your skills in golf. The best-golfing sites at Cabo San Lucas include, but not all, Quaestro golf, Quivira golf club, and Cabo Del Sol golf club.
  • Hiking – Hiking is also an exciting activity that you can engage in while in Cabo San Lucas. Estero San José, Sierra de la Laguna, El Picacho, and Baja desert are some of the best hiking sites at Los Cabos.

Fall Season Events

Several events take place in the fall season. The events include Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot, Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore Tournament, Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, Dea De La Revolucion celebrations, and Los Cabos Jazz Experience.

Final Words:

Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries globally, hence, one of the most visited countries worldwide And different regions attracts tourist differently. Cabo San Lucas is one of the most beautiful places, with many tourist attraction sites and ideal weather for various activities. Considering the discussed seasons, it is clear that the best time to go to Cabo San Lucas is during the shoulder season. However, this does not mean that other seasons are not ideal. You can visit Los Cabos and enjoy your trip maximally in any season. Essentially, the weather at Los Cabos is perfect almost throughout the year. Also, there are numerous activities and events that complement your visit.