Thursday, December 8


Australia is the home of Islands! With over 8000 islands, the Aboriginal lands have a lot about nature to showcase. One avenue is Fraser Island located in Queensland.  Also known as K’gari, it is a top tourist attraction, pooling together thousands of people yearly. What is your taste? Fraser Island has got it on offer. The sand beaches for relaxation, and a view of the waves crashing against one another; the rainforest with natural canopies provided by evergreen trees and shrubs; and swamps which hold a great population of colorful creatures.

A combination of the breathtaking landscape and terrestrial creatures makes Fraser Island a place to see. There are still hidden pleasures to seek. As irresistible as making the trip might seem, however, you cannot get right to it. Having the best time in this naturally luxurious place is guided by seasons. Now, what is the best time of the year to visit Fraser Island? Lets see it.


Australia can be scorching when summer comes around. Likewise, winter gets very intense as well. Ironically, these are the basic climatic seasons in Fraser Island although spring and autumns make brief appearances.



Westerners will find winter on Fraser Island baffling. Far from the norm, the winter there starts in June and is on its way out by August.

During these few months, the temperature barely takes a dip, meanwhile, maximum temperatures at this time give off summer vibes. But, yeah it is winter at Fraser Island—these are the coldest figures it can get.

The range is between 13 – 25 degrees Celsius. So, unlike in the Americas and Europe, things aren’t frozen up in winter and, sometimes, the atmospheric conditions are very normal.


Summer on this dream Island kicks off in December and lasts until February. The temperatures range between 22 to 30 degrees Celsius.

In general, the figures seem fine. Peep that 30 though; some countries hardly ever or have never experienced such high. Just like the winter, the largest sand island in the world exhibits a “different” summer. Since Australia is located in the subtropics, it portrays hot summers accompanied by humidity and faint winters.

Remember, the presence of rainforests was highlighted earlier. During this time, extreme rainfall is expected.  The many pools scattered around K’gari helps tourist to cool off on a scorching day. Similarly, canopies formed by trees in the rainforests make great relaxation spots and give a suitable view of nature’s beauty.

If you don’t mind the rains catching up to you, summer might be your best yet. However, a washout due to a downpour might be too intense for you. Summer is a great time to visit places in the mid and Southern states like Fraser Island where the conditions are friendlier than in locations up north.


This season takes its course from September to November. No rainfall is experienced, however, it could drizzle once in a while. The temperature is on the rise so humidity is sent packing. Perfect weather, the spring is popular with tourists.


From March to May, the temperatures surpass those of winter and the rainfall goes up a bit beyond normal. It is also a comfortable time to visit. Just like spring, the autumn temperature stays around 23 to 24 degrees Celsius


Observing wildlife is a big part of holidays at Fraser Island. A couple of animals will highlight your visit.


In winter, visitors can witness the migration of humpback whales to the north. A coastal town, at an end of the island, Hervey Bay is regarded as the whale watching capital of Australia. Touring services around can guarantee a scintillating view of the giant whales. What if all the touring folks are fully booked? You can still spot a gathering while driving along the beach or find a lookout while hiking. For instance, the Indian Head gives a pleasurable view from above.


The pure breeds of wild dingo call Fraser Island home. These animals that resemble wolves have been isolated for thousands of years, and Fraser Island is one of the few places you find this rare breed.  Their existence is secluded to certain places and no one interacts with them. These features and the singular presence of the wild dingoes build up the anticipation to visit Fraser Island.

The wild dingoes have peculiar seasons for everything —mating, birthing, and even rebuilding packs. They exhibit different cycles in a year.


Pack animals, just like their close relatives’ wolves, act differently depending on the season. Knowing these behaviors are important for a safe traveling experience.  Although national parks and wildlife reserves give directives to tourists at various times of the year, you should know what you are likely to encounter.


It’s the mating season! There is noticeable aggressive behavior in males. They are trying to showcase dominance over their territory which is an act to gain female affection. Females are making preparations to house soon-to-be-born pups. It is an emotional period for the wild dingoes. Keep your distance.


Mama dingoes are birthing their pups now.  The mothers go hunting for food while the fathers keep watch on the pups. Steer clear of baby dingoes no matter how cute they are. Trying to play with them is perceived as a threat by their parents.


Pups are seen exploring and learning how to fend for themselves. Sometimes, they are made to stay back while the rest hunt. They are not abandoned, anyways. The pack would show up if you try to establish contact.


Pack initiation begins for the pups. They are fully invested in survival acts like hunting and gathering food. Dingoes have got a great setup and pups are made to know their roles. They can be seen sparring with their siblings to sharpen their combat skills. Never engage them. Miscommunication could end in an attack—yes, on you, of course.


There are high and low seasons as regards costs. Public holidays, festives, and school holidays see increased bookings and, in turn, price hikes. To spend less, aim for the quiet season. You are likely to get nice bargains. Do well to discuss with touring companies and Fraser Island experts to help maximize your budget.


After all said, it is up to you to pick the time that suits you best. Holidaying is a break from work, school, and other activities. A time for refreshing. Many tourists spend around three days which seems pretty short for all that’s there to see. Five days or more will cut it. The duration will avail ample time for rest, relaxation, and adventure. Fraser Island is looking forward to having you!