Wednesday, February 1

Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles – Smashing Places to Visit Suitable for all

Over the years, Los Angeles has been famed worldwide for Hollywood and a bustling film/entertainment industry. LA, however, possesses an array of smashing places to visit suitable for all and sundry.

With stunning beaches, multiple adventure parks, art spectacles, and diverse traditions, LA is a complete vacation destination. If you’re looking for activities to declutter, LA hosts gripping hiking and bike riding trails.

When in LA, you can always cap your adventurous days, with visits to the prime shopping destinations in the city. Or chill and unwind in one of LA’s cute spas.

As you prepare for your next trip to LA, remember to include the following places in your itinerary.

Griffith Park

Hosting a Greek theater, LA Zoo, the Griffith Observatory, hiking trails, golf courses, and many other dazzling attractions, Griffith is an all-round park.

Explore the features, take part in the activities as you view the stunning sceneries provided by the Santa Monica mountains. Besides, the Zeiss telescope allows you to have a sublime look of the lunar system at night.

Universal Studios Hollywood

If you’re a movie buff, the Universal Studios awaits you with rich blockbuster movie experiences. Non-stop shows, theme park rides, and movie studios tours provide an unforgettable encounter.

Adjacent restaurants, shopping malls, and entertainment areas provide entertaining extensions to the rides.

Disneyland Resort

From time immemorable, families have toured the adored Disneyland resort in LA. The Disneyland Park contains rides and exploration of over seven movie lands from the top Disney shows. Further, the place gives you access to classic Disney attractions, including the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion

Getty Center

Getty Center in LA is a must-visit place for its different features. The area takes you deep to explore vintage art dating back to 7000 years. Designed by the renown Richard Meier, it juts high on Santa Monica mountains and dazzles with its modern architectural styles.

More, you’ll find expansive gardens blended with Roman architecture and packed with over 300 Mediterranean plant and flower species.


Hollywood stands as the home of celebrities and revered movie stars. It’s one of the most visited places in LA and always has plenty to offer to visitors. The iconic site hosts multiple concerts, and the events in the Hollywood Bowl are a must attend.

During your visit, you can do Hollywood Tour in 1970s classic car. You can visit studios including Paramount Pictures and Capitol Records. Plus, if you want a first-hand experience of movie premiers visit TCL Chinese Theatre, a first-class cinema in Hollywood. 

LA hosts other multiple thrilling places to spruce up all kinds of vacations. The sites mentioned here, however, stand as the top places and always offer plenty of adventure.