Thursday, December 8


Here is the some tips about BARISTACOACH TIPS-

We each have our own taste habits and we like different coffees. Good ingredients and good utensils are essential for making good coffee.

With a few things in mind, we can guarantee that the best flavours of the coffee you brew will come to the fore and soon a captivating aroma of coffee will hover in your home.

There are many stages that affect how good and tasty coffee becomes. Coffee beans travel a long way from cultivation and harvesting to the roastery and eventually to our cups to enjoy. This long journey is futile if we don’t take care of the coffee beans and cook them the right way. That’s why we’ve put together some practical tips on how you can make good coffee at home too.


  • Buy whole beans and grind them yourself – pre-ground coffee loses its flavour quickly
  • Invest in a decent mill for home use (e.g. Wilfa, which you can buy from us)
  • Always grind coffee just before filtering
  • Always grind only as much coffee as you need
  • Always store beans in their original packaging, tightly closed (using a bag sealer) – make sure there is as little air in the bag as possible
  • Store coffee at room temperature
  • Coffee is a fresh product: If sales are low, prefer a small pack of whole beans
  • Dare to try something new: there are many different options in both grocery stores and speciality stores
  • Dare to try more than just dark roast: The taste does NOT improve by roasting the beans too much. That’s when many subtle flavours disappear
  • Do not overdose on coffee: the taste may become bitter


  • Use good quality milk: We at Espresso House use high-quality domestic milk. It goes especially well with special coffee if you want to froth the milk, for example, caffè latte or cappuccino
  • Whisk the milk cold: then it will get better
  • When frothing milk: make sure that the steam openings in the steaming tube are just below the surface of the milk. Slowly push the tube deeper into the milk until it is warm enough. If the pipe “shoots” – then you are doing something wrong!
  • Always wash the steaming tube immediately after use – otherwise, the milk will stick to it and the tube will be difficult to clean
  • Remember that milk-based coffee drinks are fresh products: keeping drinks warm, for example in thermos mugs, does not do them justice. Drink and enjoy immediately!
  • Buy a porcelain filter and brew the coffee directly into the cup: pour the freshly ground coffee into the filter, moisten it with freshly heated water. Allow swelling slightly. Then add the rest of the water evenly and slowly. Incredibly good.
  • Do not keep the filter coffee warm on a hot plate. Do as in our cafes: Store freshly brewed coffee in a good quality thermos. If the coffee is heated too much and for too long, it will become bitter

Other beverages

  • Do not use boiling hot water to make green tea. The water should be a little cooler. Add a drop of cold water to the hot water, or put in a small piece of ice
  • To get the same composition for chai at home, it’s best to froth the milk or – if you don’t have the opportunity to froth – whisk it while it warms up. Then mix Chai powder with milk (can be bought from our cafes)