Wednesday, February 1

Au Pair Placement in America – Some Tips

In the current situation, foster families take longer to form an opinion on their childcare options and their au-pair choices. It is therefore very important that all applicants are receptive when families make contact with them and are flexible in their attitude towards the program.

Applicants must:

  • Upload a video – it’s a great way to make the application come alive! Host families love to see their potential “au pair” on the screen since it gives them a glimpse of the candidate’s personality, her ability to speak English and her life at home.
  • Keep the interaction info up to date on their Au Pair In America page and respond to all emails and phone calls quickly – if a host family agrees to a phone appointment, the candidate must be available for the appointment.
  • Check email and voicemail regularly – if the candidate does not have an answering machine, encourage her to have one – it may cost her money but if the family cannot leave a message she could move on, so it’s worth it.
  • Provide a landline number as well as a mobile number.
  • Make sure all of your family members are informed about possible host family calls (if your family members cannot speak English, prepare a short text so that they are able to tell families when they could call back
  • Try to improve their record – encourage them to have more childcare experience, to drive more frequently, to practice their English or to take swimming lessons (if necessary). Remind them that they must notify us of any changes to their records
  • Be willing to care for one or more children of any age.
  • Be willing to be placed anywhere in the US – the right family is more important than the location.
  • Notify us of any changes to your availability and vacation dates
  • Be prepared to speak to an American host family – practice their English speaking skills as often as possible.
  • Be friendly, enthusiastic and polite when a host family calls.