Saturday, December 10

7 tips to renovate a bathroom for rent

It is possible to remodel some spaces in a rented house without making structural changes.

Living in a rented house can have some limitations, particularly with regards to decorating and refurbishing the house. Many tenants are afraid of making changes to their homes and many owners do not allow it. 

With the help of experts from the Habitissimo home, idealistic / news gives you some very simple tips so that your bathroom can look like new and without too much effort.

Take note: although these are changes that do not affect the structure of the property, tenants should always speak with the owner before continuing with any of these jobs.

  1. Change the mirrors
  2. Change the shower tray
  3. Boxes and baskets where you can put your items
  4. Make sure the lighting is good
  5. Use wallpaper
  6. Plants, plants and more plants
  7. Change bathroom furniture accessories

Change the mirrors

Simple, fast, easy and with a great final visual impact. The bathroom mirror is a fundamental element, not only for its practical function but also for the difference it makes in any decorative environment. Make sure to carefully remove the mirror that was there before and not to break it, so you can replace it again when you leave the house. The latest trends prefer round mirrors.

Change the shower tray

For this change, it is necessary to speak in advance with the landlord and seek authorization. We are talking about a substantial change, but it is an interesting offer for the owners, as you will significantly increase the value of the space and the house itself. 

Boxes and baskets where you can put your items

This is advice for the whole house. In the case of beauty and hygiene items, choose elegant baskets and boxes to ensure that everything stays in place.

Make sure the lighting is good

One way to make bathrooms more luxurious is to use good lighting. You don’t necessarily have to change what you have. If you only have ceiling lighting, consider installing some wall lights, as if it were a dressing room.

Use wallpaper

If your bathroom has old and worn tiles and you can’t replace them, you may want to consider upholstering some parts. Nowadays, there are a thousand and a choice of models, colours and textures that can add that touch of luxury to space, without having to invest a lot of time or money. Avoid putting wallpaper in areas that come in contact with water the most.

Plants, plants and more plants

No other decorative object has the same effect as a vase with a plant inside. Whether it’s natural (for spaces with direct light) or artificial (in case there isn’t enough light to keep natural light), plants match everything, older bathrooms included.

Change bathroom furniture accessories

Yes, even taps also make a difference in decorating a bathroom. By modifying this element, you will not spend much money and you can give your bathroom a new look.

If space is more classic, invest in a more vintage style, perhaps even in gold. You can consult the Habitissimo portal to get an idea of ​​how much this job costs.