Friday, March 24

7 ideas to keep your sibling away from examination stress

The relationship between siblings is tough to understand and more complex to explain. It is a bond of love and hate brought up together. It can be friendship and enmity both at the same time. Your siblings can share a bond of love and hatred with you. We all would agree that our siblings are the most irritating creatures that we know and if given a chance to part ways with our siblings we would surely do that. No matter how much we claim that we do not like our siblings but the fact is that we adore them with all our hearts. No matter how much we fight, we show our love for them and we have a special corner reserved for them in our hearts. As siblings, we always try to keep our siblings protected from anything that could harm them. We all appear for certain exams and tests in our school and college and many of us would agree that examination stress is a thing. 

No doubt, not everyone experiences examination stress but the ones who have experienced it, know how it feels to be surrounded with feelings of fear and apprehension about an examination. If you want to keep your little sibling away from examination stress then you must take care of them and follow the seven steps for keeping your siblings away from examination stress. 

Sweets and gifts:

We all know that sweets, chocolates, and pancakes have a great impact on our brains. They also induce happy hormones in the body. Therefore, you can buy cakes online for your siblings and let them enjoy the cake treat that you got for them. Besides that, you can try looking for some gifts that can be given to your siblings to keep them away from examination stress. 

Party :

One good way of getting away from examination stress is to forget it totally so that you have nothing to feel stressed about. You can host a house party for your siblings or you can ask their friends to plan a hangout or a night out amongst each other so that none of them feels examination pressure and feel relaxed. 

Discussion :

The best way to get rid of thoughts that make you feel anxious is to talk about them. You can have a conversation with your siblings and ask them what is making them feel stressed. Then you can also suggest some tips to make them feel relaxed. Once your siblings express their thoughts to you they will feel better also after knowing their thoughts, you can help them in a better way. 

Sweet surprises:

If you live away from your family or your sibling lives in a hostel in some different state then you can pamper your sibling through Online birthday cake delivery and surprise them with a sweet mouth-watering cake at their doorstep. This would be a sweet gesture towards them. it would also make them feel extra special and loved. Thereby being thankful to you for being so caring and loving towards them. 


We know very well that any kind of stress can be treated with meditation. If you feel anxious and fearful about certain situations then you can start practicing meditation. You can suggest the same to your siblings for getting rid of examination stress. You can ask them to start meditating for 1 minute or 5 minutes and then gradually increase the duration of meditation to feel good. 

Motivating thoughts:

You can try motivating your siblings and making them feel relaxed so that they do not get worried about examinations. You can also make them watch some motivational videos orale them listen to a mentor to make them feel easy. Doing so will help your siblings to not face any difficulty in the examination


The best way to keep your siblings away from examination stress could be that of distracting them. you can play games along with them and indulge them in some other activities such as music and dance so that your siblings get no time to think about examinations. 

These were a few steps that would help your siblings feel it and over some examination stress.