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6 exercises to improve sports performance

Here are the some tips for exercises to improve sports performance-

According to the World Health Organization, around 23 million Italians live sedentary lives. In particular, 55% of the female population and 45% of the male population declare that they do not exercise regularly.

The consequences of all this are very worrying, heart problems, diseases such as osteoporosis or even serious pathologies such as breast or colon cancer can occur.

Faced with these data, we decided to write an article reporting 6 exercises that, if practised regularly, can improve everyone’s quality of life.

1.Progressive exercises

 when you want to resume the activity it is important to carry out progressive training. Halfway between the continuous exercises, i.e. those that consist in carrying out intense and prolonged efforts in an uninterrupted way, and the intermittent ones, which instead consist in alternating a period of effort and one of recovery, there are progressive exercises that allow you to introduce longer and longer accelerations while efforts are being made.


Without a doubt, the best way to increase your performance is to combine aerobic and muscle exercises. All this is important to strengthen your cardio-respiratory system which is crucial for the execution of the different exercises.

For this purpose, the circuits are excellent for obtaining better results from their performance, because they allow you to combine exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles that stimulate the heart and respiratory capacity. 

These circuits are short (they last about 30 minutes), but it doesn’t mean they are soft. Here are some tips on how to split your circuit.

First part

  • Unilateral squat (15-20 reps);
  • Pushups (15-20 reps);
  • Abdominals (25 reps);
  • Squat and Jump (for 30 seconds).

Second part

  • Dumbbell Squats (20 reps);
  • Extensions of the hips with dumbbells (15-20 repetitions);
  • Skip the rope (for 1 minute and 30 seconds).

To ensure that the execution of a circuit leads to results, it is important to take a 3-minute break between the first and second part.


Running is a highly recommended physical activity if you want to improve your aerobic performance. In addition to toning your muscles, running strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, allowing you to improve your performance.

However, if you are not used to it, the idea is to start with a brisk walk and take some “shots” from time to time.

Also, it is very important to eat light food about 2 hours before training. We advise you to take complex carbohydrates, such as sweet potatoes, and not to forget to drink before, during and after the activity to keep the body’s hydration level unchanged.

4,.Training on inclined planes

To improve your performance it is essential to dedicate a few days to trining on inclined surfaces. After all, this type of terrain requires more effort from our body.

In addition to working on the muscles, training on inclined planes also helps improve aerobic capacity. An incline treadmill is a great option for practising this type of exercise.


Just like the exercises on the inclined treadmills, the steps are also very important for strengthening the leg muscles. 

In general, the first big benefit of the step is that this activity burns a lot of calories. Furthermore, like all aerobic activities, the step leads to an increase in heart rate: the heart is stimulated and this contributes to reducing the risk of many circulatory diseases.


L ‘ HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training ) is training at high-intensity intervals and is known for its effectiveness in burning calories and increase exercise capacity and respiratory.

The advice we would like to give you is to practice the sport you love, be it Swimming, Yoga or Pilates, in a sports facility with adequate equipment.

As we have seen, many exercises can be performed to improve your physical performance. Some of these sequences can be practised by any person at any time and place, even outdoors. The ideal is however to adjust the intensity of the workouts to the resistance of each.

In addition to practising these exercises, it is also important to change your habits gradually. For example, you could

  • avoid escalators or elevators;
  • walking or cycling to work;
  • try different sports to find the one you like best.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for improving your performance! If you are looking for other tips for your workouts, we recommend you also read these articles: ” 5 tips to make muscle recovery more effective ” and ” Morning motivation: how to get to the gym before work “

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