4 tips to increase your productivity at work

How to improve productivity at work? 

The best way is definitely to try to optimize the time and resources available. Let’s see some tips to start the days with the right charge and be professionally more productive.

1. Find a good mental predispositionPeace of mind and relaxation are essential to give the best to the job and to do more. Here are some tips to stay relaxed and be more productive despite the amount of work:

  • Regular breaks

To increase productivity at work, it is very useful to take a few breaks now and then, to recharge and continue with more energy. But beware of wasted time, which are counterproductive as they could force you to have to recover at the end of the day, with your mind no longer fresh.

  • Body care and relaxation

An optimal psycho-physical condition allows you to increase productivity at workeating well and regularly, getting enough sleep, practising rewarding physical activity or hobbies at the end of the day, taking a few hours of leisure time in the company are all methods that help to regenerate and recover strength to face other days of work serenely.

2.Optimize the working environment

The first secret to increasing your productivity at work is certainly the environment in which you carry out your professional activity. Specifically, here are a couple of tips:

  • Eliminate distractions

In order not to get distracted, it is good practice first not to pay too much attention to emails and private messages on your smartphone and not to open navigation windows not relevant to the work that is taking place.

  • Limit multitasking

Multitasking is not always a positive resource. The ability to constantly switch between different tasks or to engage in multiple tasks simultaneously can reveal negative aspects and lead to a waste of time and concentration.

3.Improve your work processes 

By optimizing your work processes, you can save time and energy to boost your productivity. Let’s see some precautions that can prove to be excellent allies in achieving this goal:

  • Arrive on time

Getting to the office on time is a good habit that allows you to concentrate on more complex activities during the first part of the day when the mind is fresher.

  • Organize your work

It must be assumed that the goal of a working day must not be reduced to carrying out as many activities as can be concentrated in 8 hours. Everything must be done according to an order of priority, with method and quality.

The best advice is to focus on the priority objectives and deadlines, to draw up a to-do list, which allows you to complete the activities in order and without wasting time. Never leave anything to chance and improvisation!

  • Carry on when you can

To increase productivity at work, good advice is to take advantage of the (rare) moments when the amount of work is reduced to move forward and take advantage of the following workdays.

  • Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today

Productivity always goes hand in hand with motivation: it is very important to identify the time of day when you are most busy to carry out the most demanding activities, the ones you like least.

Postponing is a bad habit, which does not allow at all to increase productivity at work and rather slows down processes and creates a decrease in professional performance. In this regard, follow the “two-minute rule” theorized by life coach David Allen: if it takes less than two minutes to do something, do it now!

4.Practice creative idleness

In your spare time, choose to practice activities that allow you to disconnect from work and at the same time to enhance soft skills. 

This “creative leisure” will be fundamental for your work-life balance and will also bring you significant advantages at work, stimulating the development of very useful transversal skills to better face working procedures and daily life in the office, in contact with colleagues, customers and suppliers.


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