Wednesday, February 1

3 Ways to Wear Women’s Western Jeans

It’s hard to knock someone for having an affinity for western wear. You do not have to be a cowboy running around the wild west in the 19th century to appreciate and wear some of the styles. Many of the individual garments and styles hold even today. You can see these styles show up all over the country but especially in the southern, midwestern, and southwestern parts of the country. Western details will find their way into our closets in the form of cowboy boots, vests, cowboy hats, and a reliable pair of jeans. Women’s western jeans should truly be considered a staple in any western-loving woman’s wardrobe. They are easy to wear daily to just about any place you need to go. Women’s western jeans provide comfort, versatility, and durability in several cute styles that are easy to match with just about anything you already have in your closet. That’s no joke either; you really can wear women’s western jeans any number of ways. Take a look at just a few.

Denim Shorts

Let’s start off with the most casual way to dress your women’s western jeans: denim shorts. You do not have to work too hard to come up with some cute outfits with these shorts. Normally when you throw on a pair of denim shorts, the main focus is comfort and relief from the heat. You can match a pair of western denim shorts with a simple tank top or loose, lightweight blouse and some sandals. Maybe you’ve already gotten used to seeing this look styled with cutoffs, but these hemmed stars & stripes shorts should have you covered without needing to damage any of your older jeans. If you want to live that full western fantasy, you can wear your shorts with cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and a plaid shirt tied up around the waist. Just a thought.

Flared Pant Leg

Another inspired style of women’s western jeans you could try is the bell-bottom jean. This style in particular can be a nice change of pace if you have gotten a bit tired of wearing only skinny jeans, boot cuts, or the standard straight leg. Change up your silhouette with a pair of flared leg jeans and play around with the rest of your outfit to create a shape you like. You can try to balance out the volume at the leg with a more loose top and maybe loose sleeves to fully embrace the floaty, airy volume you are styling. You may also want to let the flare of the leg be the main difference in your silhouette by wearing a fitted, sleeveless top to make your body more streamlined until you get to the bottoms.

A Little Embellishment

Finally, we’ve gotten to a style of jeans that is a little more funky and unique. Sometimes you just want to take a quality pair of women’s western jeans and customize them with fun patches and rhinestones in extra fun designs. Just imagine these cute flared jeans on your body with or without your own added embellishment. It just seems like a really fun way to style yourself for the day. These are the types of jeans that people will ask you about, walking down the street since they are so different from the norm. It might be a little out of your comfort zone, but it is worth taking a second look.

With only a few pairs of women’s western jeans, you can create an amazing number of very different, but easy-to-style outfits. You’ll have a fun time looking over all of the options that are easy to find online like the ones at Jackson’s English & Western Store. Don’t be shy and take a look at some of the different shapes and styles of jeans you might want to add to your life. Another pair of jeans won’t hurt.